Key Facts

• Land Mass: 4,900 Square Kilometres
• Capital: Umuahia
• Population: 3,746,261
• Prevalent Occupation: Farming and Trading
• Youth population (15 – 35): 32.2%
• Working population (15 – 64): 60%
• Literacy Rate: 72.5%
• Unemployment Rate: 21.6%
• Transportation Infrastructure: Roads, Dry (Inland)
Port – in view
• Mineral Resources: Glass Sand, Limestone, Salt, Ball
Clay, Granite, Marble, Lateritic Sand, Phosphate, Kaolin,
Pyrite, Feldspar, Bentonite, Crude Oil, Lignite, Gypsum,
Sphalerite, Clay
• Agricultural Resources: Cassava, Maize, Oil Palm,
Livestock, Cashew, Rice, Okra, Rubber, Yam,
Cocoyam, Cocoa, Citrus, Pineapple, Local Pear,
• Water Resources: Imo, Aba, Igwu and Azumini

Areas of concentration for Investment

Economic areas and Industries where the State will actively canvass for investment inflows by building infrastructure, disseminating information and generally supporting the private sector. Namely: 

AGRICULTURE: Take advantage of the State’s natural advantages to focus on major cash and food crops through

integrated farming, extending through the value chain;

• INDUSTRIALISATION: Establish and enforce global industrial

 standards; Create industrial parks, cities as center’s

of excellence for our historical strengths in garments and leather works;

• COMMERCE: Re-establish Abia building on its heritage as a commercial 

hub through market expansion; Capacity building and institutionalization of resources to the SMEs across the state

• EDUCATION: Making Abia an education hub/destination for quality education; Incisive reform of the public

education system to re-launch education in the State

• OIL AND GAS: Explore presence of and potential for exploration of crude oil deposits

Enablers: Generic areas of development required to achieve an environment which will promote economic growth and social

well being. The enablers that will will drive the growth of our pillars are: Ease of doing business, Health Care, Housing,

Infrastructure and Security.

These pillars and enablers align with our assessment of the Abia State business environment and the thrust of this


Main settlements

to create a private
sector driven
economy in the state,
characterized by the
ease of doing
business and world
class security of lives
and property