Electric Metal Welding Closeup Photo. Welding Works.


Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing characteristics of the state are very much apparent. The workforce in the state is always willing to do some work; many of the unemployed decide to go into craftsmanship, producing items such as shoes, leather goods and clothing etc. It is a quality that has been inbuilt into the typical Abian, ideally, these are the employees that are needed for the manufacturing industry. Some of the large factories that have been established are;

  • Glass Industry Aba
  • Cement Factory Arochukwu
  • Modern Ceramics Industry
  • Aba Textile Mills
  • Aba Malting Plant

Agriculture Industry

The agriculture sector is one area that has gained a lot of attention from the state government with an injection of N2.3 billion into the sector in 2018. There is focus on cassava, cocoa, cashew, poultry, oil palm and mushroom farming.

Brazilian researchers have distinguished the good fertility of the Abia soil, compared to many other states. Most of the farms established below are government owned and are open to partnership and investment.

  • Abia Palm – Friel Nigeria Ltd
  • Abia Golden Chicken Limited
  • Abia Cashew Company

Beverage Industry

Nigeria has proven to be a fast growing market for beverages in recent years. Beverage companies located in Abia state are at an advantage considering the distribution routes leading to major cities such as Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Uyo, Akwa Ibom and the other neighboring eastern states. Some of the companies enjoying these benefits are;

  • Nigerian Breweries Aba
  • Guinness Aba Brewery
  • Golden Guinea Breweries

Hospitality Industry

As Abia state continues to showcase its industrial capabilities combined by the frequent investor visits, the hospitality sector has seen a boost in patronage. There are still a few hotels seeking partnership and investment such as;

  • Abia Hotels Limited
  • Enyimba International Hotel Aba