The State government has identified pillars and enablers to drive and achieve its economic vision. Pillars are economic areas and industries where the State will actively canvass for investment inflows by building infrastructure, disseminating information and generally support the private sector. These are Agriculture, Industrialization, Commerce, Education and Oil & Gas. The State consider enablers as generic areas of development required to achieve an environment which will promote economic growth and social wellbeing. These enablers are ease of doing business, healthcare, housing, infrastructure and security. The enablers are also expected to drive the growth of the pillars. Furthermore, the State government intend to take advantage of its natural endowments by focusing on major cash crops and food crops through integrated farming and functional value chain system in order to improve agriculture. Abia is committed to establish and enforce global industrial standard by creating industrial parks and cities as center of excellence for its historic strength in garments and leather works. To drive commerce, the State hopes to re-establish Abia heritage as a commercial hub through market expansion, capacity building and institutionalization of resources to SMEs across the state. The State acknowledges the importance of human capital development as pivotal to industrialization; therefore, it is focused on making Abia an education hub for quality education by reforming the public education system. On its final pillar – oil & gas, Abia will further explore the presence/potential for crude oil exploration.

The Investment Forum

In line with the vision of the government of Abia State, The Abia State Investment Forum has been established as an annual platform to relate with prospective investors on progress made by the government in its drive to provide a world-class conducive environment for business and attract suitable investment to the state. Among other things, the forum will focus on understanding the needs, fears and expectations of prospective investors and how the State government could meet such needs where necessary.


Dr. Okechukwu E. Enelamah

Honourable Minister of Industry, Trade & Investment

Okezie Ikpeazu


Target Audience

  • Investors,
  • Pension funds,
  • Investment houses
  • Private equity firms
  • Foreign Investors

Forum Topics and Discussions


Welcome Address

Opening Remark

Opening Address

Setting the Context for the summit (Keynote presentation to set the context for the Forum)


Opening Plenary: Industrializing Abia; Road map to industrialization 

Policy & Governance: Creating a Conducive Environment to Attract Investments

Discussion Session I: Policy & Governance: Creating a Conducive Environment to Attract Investments

Industrialization; The Chinese Model

Industrializing through Infrastructure Development; The Role of PPP

Discussion Session II: Industrialision, Infrastructure Development and the Role of PPP

The Role of Data in Economic Development 

Optimizing the Value Chain in Agribusiness.

Discussion Session III: Optimizing the Value Chain in Agribusiness


Discussion Session IV: Industrialization Through ICT Development

Enhancing Industrialization Through Human Capacity Development

Discussion Session V: Enhancing Industrialization Through Human Capacity Development

Open Discussions/Networking